Helsinki Testbed - Dew point animation

Images: Rain & temperature | Temperature | Humidity | Wind | Wind speed | Wind direction | Air pressure | Dew point
Time-step: 5 min | 15 min | 30 min | 1 hour | 2 hours | 3 hours
Number of images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 5 | 10 | 15 Espoo, Sepänkylä (Synop AWS) Hanko, Russarö (Synop AWS) Hanko, Tvärminne (Synop AWS) Helsinki, Harmaja (Synop AWS) Helsinki, Kaisaniemi (Synop AWS) Helsinki, Kumpula (Synop AWS) Helsinki, Majakka (Synop AWS) Hyvinkää, Mutila (Synop AWS) Hämeenlinna, Hämeenlinna (Synop AWS) Kiikala, Kiikala airport (Synop AWS) Kirkkonummi, Mäkiluoto (Synop AWS) Lahti, Sopenkorpi (Synop AWS) Loviisa, Orrengrund (Synop AWS) Nurmijärvi, Nurmijärvi (Synop AWS) Porvoo, Emäsalo (Synop AWS) Porvoo, Harabacka (Synop AWS) Porvoo, Kalbådagrund (Synop AWS) Raasepori, Jussarö (Synop AWS) Salo, Kärkkä (Synop AWS) Vantaa, Vantaa (Synop AWS) Viro, Kunda, Kunda (Synop AWS) Viro, Pakri, Pakri (Synop AWS) Viro, Tallinna, Tallinna (Synop AWS)
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19:00 24.06.
20:00 24.06.
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