Helsinki Urban Modeling Workshop

- Use of Helsinki Mesoscale Testbed Data in Urban Atmospheric Modeling

Dates: 15-16 June, 2005

Wed, 15 June - Vaisala Oyj, Vanha Nurmijärventie 21, 01670 Vantaa, Finland
Thu, 16 June - Hotel Arthur, Vuorikatu 19, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Organizers: Finnish Meteorological Institute and Vaisala

Workshop theme:

Convene a small working group of scientists interested in observation and simulation of urban boundary layers. In particular, design optimum observational and modeling strategies for the unique (four-season) Helsinki Mesoscale Testbed, and plan the use of the data for effective modeling of physical and chemical processes within the urban boundary layer.


Wednesday June 15, 2005
Hosted by Vaisala
Venue: Vaisala Oyj, Vanha Nurmijärventie 21, 01670 Vantaa

7:45 Shuttle-bus to Vaisala
pickup at Scandic Marski Hotel, Mannerheimintie 10

8:30-9:00 Welcome by Pekka Ketonen, CEO, Vaisala

9:00 Introductions of participants and organizers

9:15-16:30 Presentations 20 min each + 10 min discussion

9:15 Helsinki Mesoscale Testbed, Walt Dabberdt, Vaisala & Jani Poutiainen, FMI
What is a ‘Testbed?’ -- Overview of HTB facilities and data”

9:45 Helsinki meso met-modeling, Carl Fortelius, FMI
Review of past modeling in Helsinki area, future modelling objectives and their input requirements

10:15 Coffee

10:30 Urban PBL theory, Sergej Zilitinkevich, FMI/UH
Challenges in urban surface, SBL, and PBL characterization in atmospheric models

11:00 Urban meso-modeling, Alberto Martilli, Ciemat
The state of the art in urban mesoscale modeling and possible uses of Helsinki Testbed data

11:30 CFN/DNS Microscale-urban models, Rick Fry, DTRA
“Research and emergency response models, their linkage with urban meso-models, and their input data needs”

12:00 Lunch at Vaisala cafeteria

12:45-13:30 Tour of Vaisala
Tour Option 1: radiosonde production; sensor manufacturing; clean room
Tour Option 2: sensor production; clean room; optical sensors

13:30 Physical modeling, Petra Klein, University of Oklahoma
State of the art in wind tunnel modeling of urban areas and possible uses of Helsinki data

14:00 Urban micrometeorological flux observations and surface characterization, Sue Grimmond, Indiana University
State of art observational techniques and use of data in urban modeling"

14:30 Data assimilation, Kirsti Salonen, FMI
State of the art techniques and possible uses of Helsinki data

15:00 Coffee

15:30 Weather forecasting for urban areas, Martin Best, UK MetOffice
State of art and challenges in real-time urban weather forecasting

16:00 Charge to the breakout sessions
Ari Karppinen, Sylvain Joffre and Walt Dabberdt

16:15 Breakout Session 1 - discuss group topics
- 3 groups to meet in parallel and begin their discussions
- see later description of the 3 groups

18:00 Wine/beer mixer and dinner at Vaisala

20:30 Shuttle bus back to hotel

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Hosted by Finnish Meteorological Institute
Venue: Hotel Arthur, Vuorikatu 19, 00100 Helsinki

8:30 FMI Welcome by Mikko Alestalo, FMI Deputy Director General

9:00 Summary of Day One and plans for Day Two, by WG Co-Leaders and WS Organizers

9:30 Breakout Session 2
Continue parallel discussions from Day One (prepare oral group-reports)

10:30 Coffee

10:45 Breakout-session group reports
each WG to make 20 min presentation followed by 10 min discussion

12:15 Lunch at Hotel Arthur (hosted by FMI)

13:15 Plenary discussion
continue discussions
- identify how to merge breakout-session reports
- how and where to post or publish a summary report

14:15 Coffee

14:30 Plenary discussion continues

15:30 Workshop ends

16:00 FMI tour, Martti Heikinheimo

Additional material from evening session:

Finnish Defence Forcesí view, Heikki Kauppinen

FMI Dispersion model groupís view, Mikhail Sofiev