Finnish Meteorological Institute Vaisala

The 2nd Helsinki Testbed Workshop

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Kumpula, Dynamicum,
Thu 12.4.2007 klo 8:30-16:00, meeting room Aura

8:30 Coffee
8:50 Opening: Jarkko Koskinen, FMI

Session 1: Research, chair David Schultz, FMI

9:00 Flux measurements at the SMEAR III station
Leena Järvi, University of Helsinki

9:15 Precipitation measurements in Järvenpää
Matti Leskinen, University of Helsinki

9:30 Precipitation type with various testbed instruments
Harri Hohti, FMI

9:45 Validation of the EUMETSAT cloud mask using ceilometer data
Sauli Joro, EUMETSAT

10:00 Sea breeze case 28.7.2006 in the HTB area
Reijo Hyvönen, FMI

10:15 Verification of NWP models by using Helsinki Testbed observations
Sami Niemelä, FMI

10:30 Road weather model
Marjo Hippi, FMI

10:45 Helsinki climate studies
Achim Drebs, FMI

11:00 Lunch break

Session 2: Research, chair Jarmo Koistinen, FMI

12:00 Implementation of forest fire risk warning and prevention services for boreal conditions
Andrea Vajda, FMI

12:15 Mobile friction observations and thermal mapping in Testbed area
Toni Hellinen and Marjo Hippi, FMI

12:30 Quality of dense surface weather measurement networks
Vesa Hasu, Helsinki University of Technology

12:45 Mixing height studies
Ari Karppinen, FMI

13:00 Evaluation of a severe air quality episode in Helsinki in August 2006 using Testbed and other observations
Minna Rantamäki, FMI

13:15 CO2 Measurements in a Mesoscale Weather Network
Maria Uuusimaa, Vaisala

Session 3: Users, applications and the future of Testbed, chair Martti Heikinheimo, FMI

13:30 Urban Flood Alarm System for Real Estates
Hannu Maula, VTT Technical Research Center

13:45 Coffee

14:15 Use of Helsinki Testbed data in FMI Weather Warning Service
Ari-Juhani Punkka, FMI

14:30 Climate Service views
Ari Venäläinen, FMI

14:45 Helsinki Testbed project phase 1 summary
Jani Poutiainen, FMI

15:00 Ubicasting: Helsinki Testbed project phase 2
Juhani Damski, FMI

15:15 Visions
Richard Pyle, Vaisala

15:30 Final discussion, chairs Jarkko Koskinen and Ari Karppinen
Introduction by David Schultz.

16:00 Finish